California Pacific Airlines is pleased to offer charter service, providing travel solutions to fit any need. Our flawless safety record and FAA Part 121 certified operation creates the foundation for success. All crews and flight attendants are trained and qualified in accordance with Part 121 specifications.


California Pacific Airlines serves a number of different industries to include collegiate travel, Fortune 100 companies, music tours, professional sports teams, oil & gas shuttle operations, and on-demand charter business. CPA maintains a flawless safety record with no incidents or accidents.



CPA operates the Embraer ERJ 145, capable of accommodating up to 50 passengers. It was specifically designed to fly medium sized group's shorter distances at greater speeds. We currently utilize both the EP and LR models. The ERJ 145 has an impressive mission completion rate of 99.7%. Since its first flight in 1995, the ERJ worldwide fleet has flown over fifteen million miles with zero fatalities. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the safety of the Embraer  ERJ 145



Embraer ERJ-145

Passenger:             50

Seat Width:            17"

Seat Pitch:              31"

Max Range:           1017

Cruise Speed:       460 KTS

Cabin (h/w)           6'x6' 11"

Cargo Hold:          325 CF


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