California Pacific Airlines, Inc. is pleased to offer a unique opportunity for pilots; both PIC and SIC, looking to call beautiful Carlsbad, California home. Beginning in the 3rd quarter of 2018, daily scheduled service will originate and terminate from Carlsbad’s McClellan–Palomar Airport (KCLD) seven days a week. Not only does that mean you can plan on being home every night, it also eliminates the need for travel days to and from work so you can spend that valuable time with your family. The schedule will consist of a minimum 12 days off.  This opportunity offers a quality of life most airlines cannot begin compete with. Competitive pay, consistent schedules, convenient domicile, full medical benefits and more await at Carlsbad’s home airline, California Pacific Airlines.

Job Title: Second in Command (SIC)

Reports to: Chief Pilot

(Back up reporting to Chief Operating Officer)

Department: Flight Operations



Job Summary:

The Second-In-Command reports directly to the PIC during the conduct of flight operations.  The SIC will assist the PIC in ensuring the safe and efficient operation of our aircraft.


Main Job Tasks and Responsibilities


• Assisting the PIC in the safe and efficient conduct of a flight, including the operation of the aircraft in accordance with company procedures and regulations.

• Reporting safety concerns, irregularities, incidents, and accidents to the Director of Safety.

• Promote and maintain an atmosphere of Crew Resource Management that facilitates the exchange of information critical to the safety of flight.

• Must discharge their duties to meet legal requirements and maintain safe operations.

• Identifies and reports hazards and risk within Aerodynamics operations in a timely manner and in accordance with the Safety Management System Manual.

• Report safety concerns, irregularities, incidents, injuries, and accidents to the Director of Safety, Security, & Compliance via the WBAT System

• Act in accordance with the company policy of acceptable behavior with regards to all aspects of safety.

• Act in accordance with the Emergency Response Manual.




• Hold an Airline Transport Pilot Certificate issued by the United States Federal Aviation Administration with the appropriate aircraft PIC type rating.

• At least 1,500 hours of total time as a pilot that includes the minimum requirements specified by 14 CFR 61.159.

• Hold a First Class Medical Certificate.

• Submitting to a DOT-pre-employment drug screen, and receiving a subsequent negative test result.

• Acceptance of Pilot Records Information Act (PRIA) information.

• Must below the age of 65.





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